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Family first... the way it should be.

Topic ONE:
On more than one occasion I've been critical of Jerome Iginla's failure to step up enough for Canada at the World Hockey Championship held every spring. I just never bought into his reasoning, while at the same time watched a battered and bruised Ryan Smyth never say NO to the call of his country. Plus I understand both players were always disappointed in the way their respective NHL seasons had come to a crashing conclusion. But it was just disappointing, as a fan, to not see Jerome with the Canadian Maple Leaf on his jersey in the spring. HOWEVER, I do have to tip my helmet to Jerome for giving this year's All Star game a pass as he wants to spend the break being close to his ailing Grandmother. I always believe in family first. Always. 100% the right call on this one Iggy.

Topic TWO:
I'm amazed at how quickly some Edmonton hockey fans have started wringing their hands in glee at the speed of Edmonton City Council on the Downtown Arena issue. I wouldn't get 'too excited' as this is far from over. While I applaud the Council for moving forward on some of the early issues, there is MAJOR work to be done on the funding portion of this thing. It's forward progress and it's refreshing to see, but please don't get too cocky. Lots of work to be done... lots.

Topic THREE:
NOT sports but irritating me beyond belief. The City of Edmonton is warning drivers to get their cars off the main roads so that they can effectively plow the streets. If you don't- they'll ticket your vehicle and/or tow it. Here's my question: Because they've done such a crappy job of plowing the alleys, how are most people supposed to get their cars off the main roads and into their garages? Just asking.

For my ONE reader in Kenya... SNOW is what happens when the upper atmosphere is so freakin' cold that rain falls and by the time it gets to the ground it's a fluffy white frozen flake. A few flakes are pretty. TEN non stop days of snow is NOT pretty.

I'm outta here.